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Possible Snowflake Data Leak and Its Consequences

Introduction A possible Snowflake data leak has recently been revealed, affecting major companies and institutions such as TicketMaster, Banco Santander, and the Dirección General de Tráfico. These organizations have announced that millions of user and customer data have been stolen and are now for sale on the dark net. The Origin of the Data Leak Rumors suggest that the origin of this data leak is a hack into a Snowflake employee’s account.

The Importance of Professional and Personal Growth in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In the new era of artificial intelligence (AI), companies face unprecedented challenges. However, one of the keys to successfully navigating these disruptive times is to invest in the professional and personal growth of their employees. Let’s see why it is vital for organizations to develop an awareness, strategy, and an action plan focused on this area. Awareness: Recognizing Human Value First, it is crucial that companies recognize the intrinsic value of their employees.

My Local Environment for AI Testing with LLMs

Hello everyone! Chema here. It’s been a while since I wrote anything, but today I’m back to share with you details about my local environment for AI testing with LLMs. My Equipment My rig consists of an Intel Core i7 with 64 GB of DDR5 and two nVidia RTX 3090 Ti GPUs. With a total of 48 GB of VRAM, this setup allows me to run a large number of quantified LLMs locally.

Accelerating Startups: No-Code and AI at Link by UMA

I am excited to share that I am giving a class at Link by UMA as part of the Acelera Startups program. In this program, we are exploring how No-Code and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies can help us be much more productive. No-Code is a trend that is gaining momentum quickly, giving us the ability to create applications and websites without having to write a single line of code. This allows us to focus on what really matters: solving problems and delivering value to our users and customers.

AiBirras: A new space to discuss Artificial Intelligence

AiBirras is the new recurring event where developers, and anyone interested in advances in Artificial Intelligence, can meet and discuss the latest news and its impact on business, society, and our everyday lives in general. First Edition in Granada The first edition will take place in Granada, probably in the AI building of the UGR at the PTS this Thursday, April 25. It’s an informal, afterwork-type event that starts at 19. The First Intelligent Assistant for the Holy Week in Granada

From in collaboration with La Ciudad Accesible, we have defied time and developed in just three weeks an intelligent assistant,, so that you won’t miss anything about the Holy Week in Granada. The system has three interfaces: Telegram, WhatsApp, and its own PWA with React. The Accessible Holy Week of Granada The Holy Week in Granada is a cultural and religious event of great importance that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

AI Workshop for Entrepreneurs: Discovering ChatGPT and its Applications

In our recent AI workshop for entrepreneurs, we explored a wide range of topics, from understanding what ChatGPT is to how to correctly create prompts and the wonders of ChatGPT Plus. We also discussed how ChatGPT can be integrated with other applications such as Telegram to enhance the efficiency of your operations. This workshop was developed at the University of Granada, in the Breaker space. Understanding ChatGPT ChatGPT, an artificial language model developed by OpenAI, is a powerful tool that can generate coherent and relevant text based on the prompts or instructions it receives.

Sora: A New Dawn in the Film and Content Industry

Sora, the latest AI from OpenAI, promises to revolutionize the film and content industry. Capable of generating video clips up to one minute in photorealistic video, this text-to-video AI is having a tremendous impact on the audiovisual industry, especially in the field of advertising and commercials. The Promise of Sora Imagine a creative person who can do without a director to produce the next cologne advertisement. The implications are huge: greater agility, lower costs, and the possibility of experimenting without limits.

Visit to the Free Software Office of the UGR

Today I had the opportunity to visit the Free Software Office of the UGR (OSL). Despite being aware of its existence since its creation, I had never had the chance to be there. This visit was motivated by the recording of a short segment for the new MOOC of the UGR in which I am participating. Who is the OSL? The OSL is an institution of the University of Granada that promotes the use and development of free and open-source software.

Reflections on the Lean Startup Class in the MBA

I have to admit that the classes on Lean Startup are my favorites. It’s been many years since I first came across it and began to put it into practice for my projects. Customer Development The session was divided into two classes. The first day was dedicated to introducing Customer Development, the manifesto devised by Steve Blank. This approach puts the customer at the center of business development, seeking to understand their needs and problems before developing the solution.